GNUstep Default Icon Pack

The current icons provided by GNUstep look a bit "outdated" compared to icons found in other environments. Thus, as part of a broader effort to improve the GNUstep look, and as we believe icons play an important role in the perception of an environment, we want to have new default icons, along with a more powerful system for handling icons (IconKit). To keep consistency, we wrote an Icon Guidelines Document that icon's designers and programmers are encouraged to follow.

Jasper Hauser agreed to work with us on that project (In addition to being a very good icon designer, he's also very interested with the project). The plan from now is to ask Jasper to create a first batch of icons (displayed below) and hopefully continue toward the detailed list of the Icons guidelines.


Update: The initial set of icons has already been finished. Since Jasper has been busy with other projects and has taken so long to finish ours, he has agreed to finish off the rest of the designs for free. Thanks for all the donations!

As we asked a professional, it's quite normal to pay him. But GNUstep is a free software project, and we need to ask people to contribute to this effort financially. The first batch of icons (the list currently displayed below) is priced at around $400 and should be completed around january/february 2005. The more money we have, the more quickly we will be able to pay for new icons ;-)

After completing this first batch, the idea is to complete the whole icon set detailed in the icon guidelines, which will probably cost around $1200.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute, you can donate money using our Donation Page. Or you can send money via paypal to Please use the title "GNUstep icons". We will gladly accept and honor donations from anonymous donors. If you wish to have your name withheld, please state this in the PayPal comment field when you submit your donation.


Contributors names will appear on the following list:

Nicolas Roard50$
Federico Munoz6£
Quentin Mathe80$
Martin Kusterer10$
Jens Jahnke5
Sasumu IIMA10$
Wayne Stewart100AUD
[Other donations via the FSF, etc]


NameIcon      NameIcon
not defined application icon      text file icon
not defined file icon      home folder icon
not defined plugin icon      folder icon
video file icon      basic hard disk icon
image file icon      cd/dvd icon
sound file icon