Downloading GNUstep

This page is for downloading the base GNUstep system. To download individual applications, libraries or frameworks, see the Applications page.

List of Packages

GNUstep Source code can be easily obtained from either the main FTP site or several mirrors around the world:

select your preferred download site here, then click on:

If that doesn't work. Try the default page.

Many packages should be signed. You can get the public key "gnustep-maintainer (at)" from the GNUstep Project Keyring page. Older packages may be signed with the public key "fedor (at)" available at the same location. Archives of older packages can be found here.

Windows Installer

GNUstep can be installed on Windows using the Windows Installer. User and developer packages for Windows are available there.

Source/Subversion Access

GNUstep has a Project Page where you can get source information, access to the Subversion (SVN) repository via the web and Anonymous SVN access. Here are better instructions on getting the GNUstep SVN sources.

Current snapshots are available at:

Beware that some users have experienced problems with corrupt files download from This may be due to a problem with your particular route to the machine. If you have this problem try using a mirror site or download using the http interface.


See Platforms for a list of how to get GNUstep on various platforms.